What Is Over The Phone Interpretation?

Over the phone Interpretation, otherwise known as telephonic interpreting or OPI for short, is essentially a 3-way conference call with the interpreter, you, and the party you’re calling or the party who is calling you.

Multilanguage Services Inc. over the phone interpreting service is a quick, confidential, and convenient way to conquer language barriers no matter where you or your parties are located.

When Would I Use Over The Phone Interpretation Services?

Over the phone interpreter services are ideal for high-volume contact centers that require on-demand language services in any number of languages. In those times of need, you can count on our interpreters to support you in a prompt and professional manner. No matter the size of your organization or the volume of multilingual phone calls you handle, Multilanguage Services Inc. over the phone interpreter services are there to support you. Our clients utilize the services of over the phone interpreters for a variety of settings.

Industries we serve

Over the phone interpreting services are used by a plethora of industries. The accessibility and convenience of having more than 200 languages readily available in less than 15 seconds is hard to beat!

What Are The Benefits Of Over The Phone Interpretation Services?

The main benefit of an over the phone interpreting account is, by far, the convenience .Ever felt frustrated by your current audio conferencing systems’ ability to connect a multilingual group? How about an organization such as a healthcare facility or insurance company that has a call center fielding thousands of calls in multiple languages each day? Our over the phone interpreting services solve the problems of multilingual communication by providing a reliable technology platform that grants access to interpreters in more than 200 languages.

Whether you’re hosting a webinar with a multilingual audience or running a high-volume contact center, we are here to support you in all your communication needs.

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