The Important Work of Telephone Interpreters

There are demanding, high stress jobs in many career paths. This is also true for the important work of telephone interpreters. There are various specialties within telephone interpretation services which involve needing added knowledge on the subject area to ensure a full understanding of what is being interpreted.

Telephone interpretation professionals need years of background interpreting live conversations in their subject area. This knowledge helps them prepare for any situation that may pop up. When interpreting a live conversation, you may across people who slur their words, speak fast or don’t enunciate fully. Furthermore, there are certain dialects and slang words that one might only come across through years of learning.

Interpreting a conversation in person is different than interpreting over the phone. When you cannot see a person’s gestures and really understand the context of their conversation with in-person cues, you must solely rely on the language. This means the work of telephone interpretation services is that much harder.

Legal help

Legal fees can really add up for all parties involved. Adding in interpretation services can make things even more complicated, not only monetarily but in communication. Telephone interpreting works wonders in legal situations, as teleconferencing can mean everyone has a say in the conversation at hand.

Not only cost-effective, telephone interpretation services allow for the case and any documentation to move forward at a strong pace. You don’t have to wait for everyone to be in person at the same place to get a quick answer. Documentation doesn’t need to changes hands over and over when a quick call can be made with an interpreter to get a faster resolution.

Airport security

You may have seen telephone interpretation in action and not even realized it. If you have seen some of the reality television shows which follow border agents in airport security areas, you may have seen them need to use telephone interpretation to help get answers to their questions.

Airport security officers often have various language skills among their members, but it would be near impossible to have every language covered at all times. Telephone interpreting can be done for a short conversation or for a longer information gathering session. This helps border agents know exactly what someone’s intentions are when entering a country, and it also gives the visitor a chance to be heard.


There are some confusing topics that translators and interpreters have to work with, such as legal or medical areas of interest. But there is also a large topic that involves many different facets and requires a specific interpretation skill set: finance.

Bankers, stockbrokers, traders, loan officers and accountants all have sensitive information that needs to handled very precisely. Therefore, any telephone interpretation sessions must be very clear in the subject matter so that nothing is missed. After all, it could cost someone unnecessarily should something be interpreted incorrectly! From security and finance to the medical and legal fields, there are plenty of areas where telephone interpretation can be of great benefit.

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