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A Reputation for Excellence

The team of professionals at Multilanguage Services, Inc. has earned a reputation for finding the perfect balance between international and local perspectives. In a global marketplace, translation requires much more than a basic understanding of the language. There must be an extensive knowledge of vocabulary by native speakers…preferably individuals with professional experience in the same careers that understand the industry-specific terminologies. It requires meticulous attention to tone and context. Multilanguage Services, Inc. exercises the professional finesse to routinely complete complicated translations while addressing contextual nuances. MLS’ professional translators specialize in many fields, including medicine, legal, marketing,  manuals, brochures and pharmaceutical.

Professional Translation Services

Fast Turnaround, Accuracy Ensured

For Multilanguage Services, Inc., document translation has always been a major part of our business. We work with corporate manuals to product guides, health care-related documents to legal paperwork and virtually any other written material you may wish to translate. Holding advanced educational degrees in their relative fields as well as accreditation by the American Translator Association, MLS translators have the practical experience necessary to provide the highest caliber of accuracy. We have a large data base of local and overseas native speaking professional translators who have careers in the field for which they translate. When you choose Multilanguage Services, Inc. you get the best of the best.

Our Proven Process Ensures Satisfaction

Multilanguage Services, Inc. has established an effective Project Management Process that enables us to continually deliver an unparalleled level of professional service to the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Project Management Process:

  1. Order is the received by the Project Manager (PM)
  2. The PM reviews the request to determine project goals and criteria (language, content, context, culture)
  3. The PM confirms the project goals and scope with the client and assigns them to the appropriate translation team
  4. The translation team completes translation and sends it to the Certification Review Panel* (CRP)
  5. The Certification Review Panelists independently review the translation based on a quality checklist, then sends the results to the PM.
  6. The PM makes a final decision concerning whether or not the project meets our stringent quality standards
  7. If approved, the completed project is sent to the client

*If the PM finds the product to be unsatisfactory in any way, it is returned to translators with notes for revisions.

Services Designed with Social Media, Web Presence & Multimedia in Mind

Hands using audio mixing board on outdoors concert.MLS was formed just one year before the World Wide Web (www) came to be in 1989. Instantly, commerce, social networks, technology, and the world in general became globally accessible. The Internet continues to influence all industries and grows exponentially on a daily basis.

Multilanguage Services, Inc. can partner with you to ensure your message is shared on your website and other internet marketing sites…all in the native language of your target market. Our multimedia translation abilities include most digital media communications, including CD production and voice-overs. Using the latest state-of-the-art equipment, you will receive the very best in pristine audio quality and perfect audio translations.

Multilanguage Services, Inc. is prepared to ensure that every message that your company presents is translated and integrates seamlessly to match the cultural norms of your intended audience. Advanced website translations in multiple languages creates vast marketing and sales opportunities across the global marketplace.

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