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Our translation company can and will satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations if you are looking for language translation services in Lansing, Michigan. We have three decades of experience, and we have been able to build an extraordinary team of top notch translators over the years. As a local company, we feel a close connection to this Ingham County town, and it is truly a great place to live and work. From Old Town to Colonial Village to Genesee to the Museum District, for translation services in Lansing, Michigan, Multilanguage Services is the only logical choice.

When you are translating documents like brochures, newsletters, manuals, etc., the subtleties are very significant. A stiff, literal, wooden translation is simply not going to be appropriate, and this is why our team is comprised of savvy, educated native speakers. Plus, if you need a translation for a medical oriented document, we will provide a translator who has experience in that particular field. We have people on our team who have expertise in virtually every industry.

We provide translation services in Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, and dozens of other languages. Plus, our company can satisfy your needs if you are ever looking for a website translator in Lansing, Michigan.

Interpreter Services

You can rely on us to translate any and all written materials and audio recordings, but our offerings do not stop there. We provide interpreter services as well, including legal interpretation and interpretation for all types of businesses. Once again, we have people on our team who have wide ranging experience, and we work with countless different languages.

If you need someone to provide interpreter services in person, we have you covered, and we offer telephone interpreting in Lansing, Michigan. We should also point out the fact that you are not bound by any availability limitations if you need telephone interpreter services, because we have qualified people on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Foreign Language Classes

If you are interested in learning a foreign language for business purposes, personal enrichment, or international travel enhancement, you may want to take one of our foreign language classes. We teach most of the languages that we can interpret and translate, and we also offer English as a second language courses.

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