Popular English Phrases with Foreign Origin

English is the only language that is accepted and understood across the globe. It is the most commonly-spoken language and bridges the communication gap between nations. A lot of English words and phrases owes its origin to many languages including,…

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8 Amazing Benefits of Learning French

Bonjour people! French is a beautiful language and a lot of French terms are often used by English speaking populace to add to the charm of a sentence.  French words like silhouette, petite, déjà vu, fiancé, genre, cliché, chic, bouquet, chauffeur, etc. are often used…

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Top 6 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2018

The New Year is here with the hope of new opportunities that can make you future-ready. This year you can make a to-do list and try to learn something new. Keeping the recent trends of the global market in mind,…

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7 Benefits of Using Professional Transcription Services

What happens when you attend an international business conference, meeting, seminar or a legal proceeding but don’t understand the intent? Professional transcription services have become an imperative for anyone in medical, media, legal or other related fields that demands a…

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Interpretation Services Vs. Translation Services

Translation and interpretation are often confused as two different terms having the same qualities. However, both have differences more than one. Companies that are planning to expand their business horizons often feel the need to avail professional interpretation and translation services, but many are not aware of…

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