8 Amazing Benefits of Learning French

Bonjour people! French is a beautiful language and a lot of French terms are often used by English speaking populace to add to the charm of a sentence.  French words like silhouette, petite, déjà vu, fiancé, genre, cliché, chic, bouquet, chauffeur, etc. are often used in English phrases. Outlined below are the major reasons why you need to learn this language right away.

  1. Build a strong vocabulary

Learning a new language not only enhances your cognitive abilities but also makes you a lexicon expert. As French and English have a lot of words and phrases in common, learning French in an intermediate or advanced level will always help you improve your vocabulary and open up to the world.

  1. Broadens career opportunities

A translator or interpreter in a multinational company is always highly paid. So if you can hold your aces in both English and French then it is not only an attractive add-on to your résumé but also open a lot of doors of big companies that are waiting to hire highly skilled translators.

  1. Makes you a better writer or blogger

Bloggers are always in demand especially in food, fashion, and travel industry.  Learning French can be really enriching for flourishing writers and bloggers and enhance their writing prowess. No wonder why bibliophiles always vouch for works of Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, Victor Hugo, Voltaire, Jean-Paul Sartre, and so many others.

  1. Explore stunning France better

There’s barely any person who wouldn’t wish to visit Paris at least once in life. France always makes it to the To-do list for tourists and travelers and learning French will only help you explore this enchanting country better.

  1. Be an international teacher

There is no dearth of opportunities for international teachers across the globe. You can take teaching this language as a profession for a better future and also imbibe more and more people to learn this language.

  1. Opens up opportunities to learn more languages

French not only bears resemblance to English but also a lot of other languages like Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese. So if you have dab hands in this language, you are already prepping yourself to learn many other popular languages.

  1. Study abroad

French is one of the most widely-spoken languages and learning this language will help you study in top-notch colleges in Europe and adapt easily to their culture and the local populace.

  1. Fun to learn

About 45% of French terms and phrases contribute to the English language. Therefore, learning French would not be a long haul. There are quite a few institutes where you will enjoy learning.

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