Top 6 Foreign Languages to Learn in 2018

The New Year is here with the hope of new opportunities that can make you future-ready. This year you can make a to-do list and try to learn something new. Keeping the recent trends of the global market in mind, we have handpicked eight foreign languages that you can learn this year per your needs.

  1. French

Did you know, about 45% of English terms owes its origin to the French language? We often use a lot of words like soirée, avant-garde, chic, savoir-faire, beau, bon voyage, bric-a-brac, bon appétit, laissez-faire, mélange, etc. to add to the allure of the sentence. It is, therefore, considered as a ‘crème de la crème’ language widely spoken across the globe and the number of French-speaking people is only increasing. This language is not very difficult to learn as you will be already acquainted with a lot of terms if you’re an English language speaker.

  1. Spanish  

Ever wondered why the song ‘Despacito’ is so popular? People across the world have been Spanish music enthusiasts since ages because of the enchanting melody and words. Again, English language owes its origin to a lot of Spanish words and is the most widely spoken in the US after English.

  1. Chinese or Mandarin

Not a lot of people know this, but Chinese or Mandarin (and not English) is the most widely spoken language in the world. Chinese translators earn a lucrative sum and hence, learning this language will definitely reap excellent benefits.

  1. Hindi

There are about 545 million speakers across the globe and is one of the most-spoken languages that owes its origin to the Indian subcontinent. India and the US are strong business partners in many verticals and learning this language can be useful in communicating with a broad spectrum of non-English speaking Indians.

  1. Bengali

Bengali is often considered to be the “sweetest language in the world” and learning such a language has its own perks. If you know Hindi, then learning Bengali will not be an uphill task. With over a whopping 261 million speakers across the world, Bengali is predicted to be the third most-spoken language in the countries with flourishing economies.

  1. Polish

This can be a choice for those who are ready to challenge the difficulty level of learning a foreign language. Like Chinese or Japanese, this language too doesn’t have anything in common with English language. If you master to learn a complicated language like Polish, then learning any other language will be a piece of cake for you.

This list will be upgraded every year with fresh additions and giving you enough reasons to learn more. So what are you waiting for? Enroll now for foreign language courses!

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