Top 8 Highly Paid Translation Languages in the World

While the U.S Department of Labor has already announced the demand for translators and interpreters will skyrocket in years to come, not many people are still aware of the huge benefits of learning multiple foreign languages. Given to their increasing demand in various fields, foreign language translation is a lucrative job in many parts of the world. If you’re thinking of pursuing a foreign language translation at an advanced level, then these are the languages you can consider for shaping a great career ahead.

  1. Chinese

China is one of the biggest trading partners of the US and Chinese is the most widely spoken first language in the world. So it goes without saying that Chinese business translators will rake in big dollars for being an accurate communicator and negotiator.

  1. English

Needless to say, English is the most widely spoken in the world used for business and communication. But a substantial population in countries like Japan, Italy, France, Spain, and Germany do not speak English and they seek English as Second Language teachers who are equally proficient in their respective language.

  1. Arabic

Some of the most diverse and wealthy economies are in the Middle East attracting businessmen and shoppers across the world. This is the reason why Arabic translators are always in demand and are highly paid with excellent perks and benefits.

  1. Japanese

Besides being one of the fast-growing economies in the world, they are also good paymasters. Learning this language can be quite challenging and this is the reason Japanese translators are rare and highly paid.

  1. Spanish

Did you know that about 40 million people speak Spanish as their first language in the US? Besides, the US has business associations with Mexico and Spain since long. So whether in the US or in Latin American countries, Spanish translators will never be out of the loop.

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  1. German

Recognized as the largest economy in the European Union, Germany also has a huge contribution in the field of research and development. So German translators are not only looked for in business but also in the academic field.

  1. Portuguese

Whether a Portuguese translator in the US or in Latin America, either way, you’re going to earn big money. According to UNESCO, it is the fastest growing European language after English opening doors for translators in multiple verticals.

  1. Russian

Russia is not only one of the largest contributors in the field of engineering, IT, and literature but also one of the most used languages in websites, after English. Russian translators, therefore, have a big role to play in producing accurate website content translations.

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