10 Good Reasons why English Natives should Learn Spanish

When it comes to learning the most widely spoken language in the world a lot of answers come up depending on several parameters. After English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Hindi give tough competition to each other based on parameters like native speakers, total speakers, languages used on the internet, etc. Here we shall discuss how native English speakers will benefit from learning Spanish.

  1. Improve your English: If you learn another familiar language then it will enrich your vocabulary and sharpen your English writing and communication skills. Spanish has hugely contributed to the treasure trove of English language. Words like guerilla, cannibal, hurricane, apache, aficionado, albino, alligator, cargo, cigar, salsa, savvy, siesta, and so much more prove that.
  2. Expand career horizon: If you learn a popular language at an advanced level then it increases your chances to work in more places and shape a lucrative career. You can simply work as a translator in a Spanish speaking country or work on global projects from home. If you’re already working in a multinational company then it expands your chances to fly overseas and communicate with the foreign clients for the benefit of the company.
  3. Explore the world better: Did you know that Spanish is actively spoken by more than 450 million people in 20 countries? Learning Spanish gives you ample opportunities to explore so many countries without any communication hassle.
  4. Be a better journalist or communication professional: In the US, more than 16% of the entire population speaks Spanish. So learning this language will give you the edge over many others who don’t speak this language and help you prosper in the field of mass communication and journalism.
  5. Widen your cultural potentialities: If cinema fascinates you and you wish to build a career out of it then learning Spanish will definitely help you go the extra mile. Spanish directors and actors have already carved out a niche in the world of good cinema. Besides you can watch great Spanish movies and understand its minute intricacies.
  6. Opens doors for learning multiple languages: Many languages are interconnected with each other in more ways than one. Spanish is often considered as a ‘Gateway language’ and learning this will open up avenues to learn more and more languages.
  7. Be a great food blogger: Spanish food is savored throughout the world and knowing Spanish will get you closer to learn more easily about the delicacies and write great food stories.
  8. Sharpen your mental abilities: Learning Spanish can be quite challenging and a great mental exercise.
  9. Make great friends: Spanish people are known to be amicable and they can be great conversationalists.
  10. Be more popular: Holding aces in multiple languages will definitely make you more popular within your peer group and beyond.

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