Why Professional Interpretation Important for Legal Proceedings

Understanding Court summons and legal proceedings is not a job of a layperson. Be it a court hearing or a confidential agreement, the knowledge of legal jargons is required to interpret its meaning. Getting legal translation and interpretation services that guarantee accurate deliverables can be an uphill task. However, there is quite a few good legal interpretation company that works closely with their clients to deliver easy-to-understand deliverables.

What professional legal interpreters do:   

  • They are proficient in linguistic and writing skills. This makes it easier for them to understand the complex legal jargons and make it understood.
  • They have a fair understanding of legal terminologies as they are trained with practical experiences.
  • They are also good translators and have good knowledge in multiple foreign languages.
  • If a legal statute or dossier is too complex then a legal interpreter ensures they decode it without deviating from the actual meaning.
  • They are patient and good listeners that help them pay close attention to every intricate detail and produce a high-quality deliverable.
  • They have the readiness to follow each and every jargon used by the judges and lawyers and present the crux of the matter immediately after the session.
  • They are neutral and are not biased towards any of the parties involved. Although they have the pressure to abide by the requirements of their clients, their duty is to produce the exactness of the matter with all fairness.
  • They have the capability to work under tight schedules and ticking deadline pressure. This is mostly applicable for those who contribute to cases that involve recurring follow-ups.
  • Amendments to different Acts and policies are a common phenomenon and professional legal interpreters are always updated with the latest changes and use their knowledge accordingly.
  • They are always involved in mental exercise and therefore they have a strong memory and the adeptness to take notes on a real-time basis.
  • Excellent grammar skills are also one of the strong suits of a professional legal interpreter.

Legal interpretation can be of various types. These include:

  • Legal translation from the source language to another language.
  • Interpretation of legal documents including police reports, mandate, patent, business contracts, recommendation reports, marriage/divorce decrees, birth/death certificate, etc.
  • Real-time interpretation in a court hearing.
  • Requirement for an international judicial decree.
  • Textual interpretation of international treaties or conferences.

How to avail legal interpretation services?

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