9 Interesting Things you can try to improve your Creativity

So you wish to flourish as a creative professional but don’t know how to go underway? Why not break the routine and try something new and really interesting? Here are a few ways to spark your figments of imagination and get your creative juices flowing like never before.

  1. Learn a foreign language

Learning a new language will not only enhance your creative abilities but also broaden your career prospects. You will get a grand upgrade of your vocabulary and can apply for lucrative jobs. Chinese, Spanish, German, and Arabic translators are always in demand and are highly paid.

  1. Travel more

Sudden getaways to idyllic locations with friends or alone is always a great idea anyway. Go an extra mile and write down your experiences in the form of a photo blog. Don’t forget to share it on social media and get ready to be amazed with the outcome.

  1. Read more books

Fictional or non-fictional? Take your pick and try to make it a habit to read everyday. If time is a constraint then you can squeeze out 1-2 hours dedicatedly to reading or can download e-books in your mobile and read it in your free time.

  1. Listen to good music

Stay ecstatic and creative with one of the most effortless activities. Listen to music! Study reveals, music engages a substantial part of the neural networks in the brain inducing creativity.

  1. Write down your ideas

Creative impulses come like flashes and you need to capture it as soon you get one. Write down your ideas in your diary or maintain a notepad in your phone to do it on the go, even if you come across new phrases from somewhere else. If you make this a practice then there’s no stopping you.

  1. Take up a course

What interests you other than your work? Master the art of your areas of interest by dedicating some time to a professional course. It can be photography, writing, designing, learning a musical instrument or anything that catches your fancy.

  1. Look at more red, blues and greens

Color play can churn your creative wheels and help you think more efficiently. Researchers have already acknowledged the effect of red, blue, and green to boost cognitive abilities. You can start by taking a cue from your natural surroundings.

  1. Work out

Freehand exercise, gymming, or yoga! Anything that helps you sweat it out will not only help you get in shape but also widen your mental faculties to think out of the box.

  1. Lights off

Give yourself some time and ruminate in a dark or dimly-lit room. This really helps!

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