9 Amazing Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Foreign language learning

You must have come across words like merci, voila, s’il vous plait, at least once in life. In popular culture, different jargons are apparently used to add to the allure of the sentence. Whether you’re a student planning to study abroad or a professional, who needs to communicate with your foreign clients on a regular basis, learning a foreign language has benefits more than one. Read on.

  1. Lucrative career options: Many multinational companies need professional translators to communicate with their international clients.  You can make it a full-time career by learning multiple foreign languages. Besides, translation and interpretation are counted amongst the most highly-paid jobs.
  2. Stimulates mental skills: You need to rack your brains to learn a new language. As your mind works out rigorously, this can be a great way to hone your reading, linguistic, and cognitive skills.
  3. Stand out from the crowd in your workplace: Your performance at your workplace is assessed on a variety of reasons. Knowing multiple foreign languages adds to your multitasking capabilities, and you might help in commuting with the foreign clients on behalf of your company even if you’re not hired as a professional translator or interpreter.
  4. Enhance writing skills: Having dab hands in good writing skills requires knowledge in other languages. A lot of English words are originally coinages of languages like Sanskrit, German, Spanish, French, and Italian, to name a few. You can enhance your vocabulary and use foreign words in your writing and create a niche class of readers.
  5. Expand cultural horizons: Learning a new language acquaints a person to that particular culture. This not only helps you explore different culture but also broaden your views and opinion in any context.
  6. Never bored: Keep boredom at bay by learning a language you always wanted to catch on. Every day you will learn something new, and you can even use your multi-linguistic skills in freelance jobs as well.
  7. Traveling becomes much easier: You can plan a sudden trip to any foreign land that speaks the language you are willing to learn. Communicating with locals makes your traveling experience a lot easier and memorable.
  8. Boosts memory: Surprisingly, learning a foreign languagehas a few health benefits. Improvement of memory is one of them. Experiments have been conducted on individuals and it was found out that people who know multiple languages have better memory than monolingual people.
  9. Children will be hugely benefitted:The future generations should brace themselves for all kinds of challenges that they might face in their workplace. Foreign language learningwill help them benefit academically and enhance their job opportunities.

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