8 Qualities to Look for in a Good Interpreter

Seamless communication has become an imperative to make a mark in the global market. If your business involves understanding and communicating with people who speak different languages then you should adopt certain features that will keep both the parties on the same page. Seeking professional interpretation services will not only enhance your brand image but also foster cultural exchange and good relationship with your foreign clients. These are the qualities you should be looking for in a good interpreter for a successful business endeavor.

  1. Good listener: A good and patient listener will always have the ability to understand the requirements. Once the requirements are properly understood, the interpretation will be a smooth run.
  2. Acknowledged: A good interpreter should have a certificate from a recognized institution. It is a testimony that the interpreters hold the aces in their respective field and will be able to perform their task with clarity and accuracy.
  3. Well read and knowledgeable: As an interpreter needs to juggle between multiple languages in a limited time frame, it is important to have good command over the languages. Good vocabulary and grammar skills are also add-on qualities of a good interpreter.
  4. Good research skills: Besides having a good grasp on the linguistic skills, a successful interpreter should have good research skills to understand the local culture and lifestyle of the people speaking other languages. This helps the interpreter produce effective deliverables.
  5. Adheres to the Code of Ethics: There are certain rules and instructions that should be kept in mind to carry out a successful deliverable. A good interpreter should strictly adhere to the code of ethics while they are at it. They must also make sure that they have the integrity to strictly abide by the confidentiality standards.
  6. Multitasking skills: A good interpretation involves listening, understanding, and communicating the message – all at the same time. Hence, the interpreter must be adept in cognitive and analytical skills keeping the deadline in mind.
  7. Relevant experience: The interpreter must have relevant experience in specialized fields like working in seminars, conferences, healthcare, business deals, court hearings, or project coordination. This will make it easy for the interpreter to make people understand more effectively.
  8. Inquisitive: A good interpreter will always have relevant questions to ask their clients so that they can provide error-free deliverables.

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