6 Reasons Translation Services are Important for Businesses

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So your business is doing great and you wish to expand it further globally? Global exposure is possible only if you make it ready for it. Business communication with multiple countries demands expertise and precision. Whether you belong to public or private sector, you need professional language translation services for reasons more than one. Read on.

  1. Better communication with customers: If your business calls for communicating directly with your customers then you must’ve faced a lot of people who do not speak English. You can market your products to a much wider spectrum of audience if you could speak to them in their language.
  2. Enhance brand visibility: A company’s brand potential is tested on the basis of a lot of abilities. Reaching out to more and more people is one of them. You need to cross the barrier of language to build an image in the global market and that is possible only with professional translation services.
  3. Avoid bad reputation: You will be shocked to learn some of the major marketing slip-offs of big enterprises. KFC got their famous tagline “Finger-Lickin’ Good” translated in China and it meant “We’ll eat your finger off”. Pepsi got their tagline “Come alive with Pepsi” translated to “Pepsi can bring ancestors back from the dead!” in China. The American Dairy Association’s original tagline “Got milk?” was ridiculed in Mexico as the translation meant “Are you lactating?” There are many such similar instances which invited a lot of flak from people across the globe. You can dodge the bullet and upkeep your brand reputation by getting your marketing techniques checked or written by the professionals before it’s too late.
  4. Healthcare industry is hugely benefitted: Healthcare units have to deal with a lot of patients coming from various countries. Also, there are a lot of doctors across the globe busy researching. Language should never be an impediment in medical research or a patient’s treatment. Professional medical interpreters and translators play their aces in translating the medical documents that will help the doctors who are more comfortable in studying in the language they choose.
  5. More job opportunities: A lot of people are passionate about learning different languages. Nothing can be better if they can learn and earn at the same time. Any industry, small or big, hires translators and interpreters to not only ease their business communication with other countries but also for marketing and project coordination.
  6. Drafting legal documents: Understanding legal documents itself is an uphill task and if it’s in a different language then it gets all the more complicated. One slip-off and the meaning of the sentence changes completely. Professional translators assures accurate and easy interpretation of legal documents aligned to the professional needs of lawyers, court stenographers, attorneys, judges and other legal professionals.    

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