5 Verticals that Need Professionally Fast Transcription Services

It is not always possible to convert a live conversation into a document and maintain accuracy at the same time. It is also quite difficult to produce a written document in English if it has to be transcribed from an audio format that is originally in a foreign language. Besides, online free software could not be trusted for its inaccurate results.

This is where professionally fast transcription services come to picture to cater to the immediate requirements of an organization. These are the four verticals that are always in need of transcription services to streamline their tasks and reach out to their target audience as much as possible.

  1. Business enterprises with multilingual associations

There are millions of business enterprises with foreign trading associations but many find it quite difficult to communicate easily with their clients due to the language barrier. This poses a problem especially in corporate meetings, international trade shows, seminars or webinars, workshops, training sessions, con calls, or conferences. Professional services enable immediate transcription of the speakers’ speech in foreign languages and produce a translated document in simple-to-understand business English and vice versa. This not only fosters the relationship between the two partners but also keeps the source company in good stead in the global market.

  1. Educationists or academic institutions

People associated in the academic field finds it much easier to work on their research with the help of transcription. Transcribed documents are produced from lectures, webinars, educational videos, group discussions, dissertation, podcasts, documentary, workshops, extempore, and seminars. From students to professors, everyone gets extensive research material from multiple sources with the aid of professional transcription services.

  1. Mass Communication and Journalism

From transcribing interviews to live news broadcasts, mass communication and journalism are incomplete without professional transcription services. International media houses with worldwide readership and viewership can produce crisp and accurate content from any type of audiovisual content. Transcription also helps them with generating closed captions, subtitles, and other digital transcription requirements.

  1. Legal requirements

Legal proceedings are imbued with jargons and terminologies specific to the field. Legal transcription is required in public hearings, court summons, phone calls, police records, or any type of legal treaties or conferences. Transcriptionists work under tight schedules and deliver error-free dossiers even for cases that call for frequent follow-ups.

  1. Government & Non-Profit Organizations

Public speakers working for the government or non-profit organizations need to get their speeches transcribed to provide handouts to the media to get it published or broadcasted in public interest. Same goes for the Non-Profit Organizations as well.

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